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REVIEW: Glutano Custard Cream Biscuits
Elizabeth Barbone
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Glutano Custard Cream Biscuits

My husband occasionally eats the non-gluten-free European "Hit" sandwich cookies. When I bought a package of Glutano Custard Cream Biscuits, I was reminded of his "Hit" Cookies. The packaging, a paper sleeve of cookies, is incredibly similar. So, I wondered. Would these cookies be a good gluten-free replacement for sandwich cookies?

The package describes the cookies as "Glutenfree sandwich cookie with vanilla cream filling." Not exactly earth-shattering. But we are talking about a cream filled cookie. So, what are you expecting?

Well, if you are like me, you are expecting a flavorful cookie with a soft, creamy filling. Yum!

The Glutano cookies aren't exactly a wonderful cookie with a soft filling but they aren't bad either.

See the hairline cracks?
See the hairline cracks?
When I opened the package the first thing I noticed was the cookie looked broken. There were hairline cracks all over the surface of the cookie. Since a package only contains 10 cookies, I was bummed to think one was shattered. I expected the cookie to break in my hand as I pulled it out of the sleeve. Surprisingly, the cookie didn't break.

Really thick, isn't it?
Really thick, isn't it?
Once it was out of the sleeve, I was really shocked by the thickness of the cookie. These sandwich cookies were really thick. I bit into the cookie. It broke into many, many pieces. Darn! I guess those hairline cracks were a bad sign after all.
See how it broke in my hand?
See how it broke in my hand?

As I chomped through the cookie, I noticed the texture was a little "sandy." This didn't bother me but I know that many gluten-free eaters are put off by a gritty texture. If you are one of those folks, you will want to avoid these cookies.

The taste wasn't bad. It was almost nondescript. With the exception of the sweet filling, the cookie didn't really taste like anything. It certainly didn't have the sweet vanilla flavor I was looking for.

After just one cookie, I was done. (And I am someone who is almost never done after one cookie.) The cookies weren't bad but they weren't great. As a friend of mine would say, "Why waste the calories?"

If you are looking for a nice, plain gluten-free sandwich cookies, you might like "Glutano Custard Cream Biscuits." If, however, you are looking for something with lots of flavor, I would avoid this product.

Summary: Bland, thick sandwich cookie with slightly gritty texture. Sweet and unoffensive.

Grade: B-

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