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REVIEW: Glenny's Chocolate and Peanut Caramel Marshmallow Treats
Elizabeth Barbone
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Glenny's Chocolate and Peanut Caramel Treats

Last week I was so impressed with Glenny's Vanilla Marshmallow Treats that I couldn't wait to sample their chocolate and peanut caramel bars.

Yummy chocolate marshmallow treat
Yummy chocolate marshmallow treat
First I started with chocolate. As soon as I opened the package, the scent of cocoa hit me. In fact, the scent reminded me of "Cocoa Krispies." The bar looked yummy. It was a little shiny from the marshmallow goodness and the crispy rice pieces still retained their shape. They weren't crushed. Whole crispy rice pieces ensure good crunch.

I bit into the bar. Yum! Just like the vanilla bar, the chocolate marshmallow treat had a nice sweet flavor that wasn't too complex. Marshmallow treats are one of the foods where simple reigns over complex. They should be sweet and crunchy and that is about it. This bar succeeded. It didn't leave a funky faux chocolate flavor in my mouth like so many "chocolate" products do. Nope. It was delightful. In fact, I was little bummed I only had one on hand. I could have eaten another one later that afternoon.

The next day, or so, I tried the "Peanut Caramel Marshmallow Treat." The reason I waited to try this bar is because it sounded too sweet to me. I mean, really, marshmallow and caramel? Would my teeth chatter from the sweetness of this bar?

After one bite of the bar, I realized it wasn't overly sweet--thank goodness. In fact, I didn't get any caramel flavor at all. The peanut flavor, which was good, certainly overwhelmed any caramel notes that might have been present in the bar. I took another bite. Again, all I tasted was peanut flavor with a marshmallow finish.

While the bar wasn't really "peanut and caramel," it was a great peanut marshmallow treat. Out of the three I tried, I would say that is was my least favorite because of the strong peanut flavor. However, it wasn't bad. Maybe just a little too complex for a simple marshmallow treat.

You really can't go wrong with any of these marshmallow treats! Enjoy! Just click here!

Summary:Chocolate Marshmallow Treat A+ Great flavor, excellent texture. Peanut Caramel Marshmallow Treat: B+. No real caramel flavor. Nice, strong peanut flavor, excellent texture.

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