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REVIEW: Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Rolled Oats
Elizabeth Barbone
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Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Rolled Oats

If there is one grain that causes much debate in the gluten-free world, it is oats. While I won't get into a lengthy dissertation about the history of oats and the gluten-free diet, what I will tell you is that oats should be safe for celiacs as long as they are grown/handled/processed in a gluten-free environment*. It seems that the trouble with oats was the high level of cross-contamination with wheat.

Finally gluten-free eaters have gluten-free oat choices! Bob's Red Mill has introduced two gluten-free oat products into their lineup: Rolled Oats and Steel Cut Oats.

Today I will be looking at their rolled oats.

Rolled Oats
Rolled Oats
Rolled oats, just in case you are wondering, are what most Americans think of as oats. They look like flat flakes. These oats are *not* instant oats or even quick cook oats. No sir! These are the real deal. Which is great--if you are like me and love chewy, hearty oats. However, traditional oats take at least ten minutes to cook. If you want to make yourself hot oatmeal for a quick breakfast these aren't the oats for you.

I have always loved classic oats. (Like many people, I grew up on Quaker Oatmeal.) So I eagerly made myself a pot of oatmeal as soon as I had the bag of gluten-free oats in my hands. (Okay, that is a little bit of a stretch. I did wait for breakfast to break into the bag. Eating oatmeal for dinner, even for an oatmeal fan, just isn't my thing. But as soon as I had the bag in my hands I noticed that label was the same shade of purple as my old print newsletter! )

I flipped the bag over the find the directions and noticed that Bob's Red Mill had done it again. If you've ever eaten their "Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal" you know that Bob's Red Mill has a penchant for writing recipes that yield two servings. But I didn't want two servings! I am a single breakfast eater! During the week, my hubby is out of the house before I have even thought about breakfast. If you haven't guessed, this annoyed me slightly.

I pulled out one of my many cookbooks and found the ratio for cooking rolled oats for one. (1 cup of water to 1/2 cup rolled oats.) I boiled the water, added the oats and waited. After about ten minutes I tried the oats. They were still a little tough. Since the pan seemed dry, I added a splash of water and let them do their thing for another few minutes.

Finally the oats were done--the aroma had made me hungry--and it was time for the real test. How would they taste? Well, the good news is they tasted better than any oats I had ever eaten!

They were chewy and thick and nutty and just plain wonderful. I am going to guess, and this is just a guess, that Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats are processed in smaller batches than Quaker. To me, it tasted like these oats were "fresher." After a few nibbles, I added a sprinkle of dark brown sugar and enjoyed the bowl.

The next day, I decided to have another bowl. This time I used 1 1/4 cups water and 1/2 cup oats. In about 12 minutes, they were perfectly cooked.

If you are interested in adding oats to your diet, I think you will LOVE Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Rolled Oats. Just remember, these are not "instant" oats and can't be used in recipes calling for "instant" oats. For a nice hearty breakfast, with a good fiber content, these are the gluten-free oats to try.

Summary: Excellent Product. Wonderful taste, texture. The oats are better than you remember! A+

*Some studies have found that a small percentage of celiacs can't tolerate oats. So, introduce them into your diet with care.

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