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REVIEW: Peeler
Elizabeth Barbone
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With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, I thought it was time for me to tell you about my favorite little kitchen tool: the horizontal peeler.

I first discovered this peeler when I was a lowly culinary student and needed to peel hundreds of apples. Let me tell you, when you need to peel that many apples for days on end you find the best peeler you can!

I quickly found that a horizontal peeler breezes though apples, potatoes--even pumpkin skin! Instead of using the familiar "back and forth" action of a traditional peeler, the horizontal peeler allows you to use long strokes. I found I peeled fruit/vegetables quicker and more efficiently with this peeler versus a traditional vertical peeler.

Believe it or not, the original peeler I bought more than eight years ago is still going strong. I was given a ceramic horizontal peeler from a friend (Who had a hand in its design.) But, honestly, I find myself turning to my inexpensive peeler again and again.

If you are planning on making mashes potatoes this Thanksgiving--or if you ever peel, well, anything do yourself a favor and try this peeler. I think you will like it. I do!

Here is the peeler I have used for *eight* years. I can't believe it is still under $5.00! Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler 4-inch, White

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