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REVIEW:Hol-Grain Crackers
Elizabeth Barbone
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Hol-Grain Crackers: Brown Rice with a light touch of salt Onion and Garlic

First things first, it took me a minute to get that the name "Hol-Grain" was a play on "Whole Grain." After that I kept thinking, "Hol-Grain" like Whole Grain. I get it! But I digress.

Crackers seem to be the bane of gluten-free baking. I've created some great cracker recipes but premade crackers are hard to come by. The other day I picked up a box of "Hol-Grain Crackers: Brown Rice with a light touch of Salt, Onion and Garlic (Yes. That really is the name on the box!)

Anyway, I was hoping these would be a nice snacking cracker, like a wheat thin. Umm, I was wrong. While these crackers are fine snacks, they don't really taste like a cracker to me. The texture is more like a really compressed rice cake (think deflated/flattened rice cake)than a crisp cracker.

Now for the onion and garlic flavor. For some reason, to me, the flavors tasted burnt. To get a second opinion on this, I handed one to Samantha who said, "Did they leave these in the oven too long?"

I would love to recommend these crackers because I know good gluten-free crackers are hard to come by. However, with the burnt flavor, I just can't. I am going to try their plain crackers next to see if they are any better.

Summary: Texture isn't bad. Burnt taste overpowers crackers. Not recommended.

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