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Look! It's a Running Rabbit!
Look! It's a Running Rabbit!

REVIEW: Running Rabbit Black Licorice
Elizabeth Barbone
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Licorice is one of my favorite candies. In fact, it might be my favorite candy. So, when I opened a package of "Running Rabbit Black Licorice" I had high hopes.

First, I need to mention how adorable these candies are! Honestly, when I opened the bag, I said, "Awww" out loud. Candy must be really cute for me to fawn over. The shape of the rabbit is very clearly defined. Unlike most foods that are supposed to look like animals but don't, this licorice looked like a running rabbit--complete with chubby legs!

Cuteness aside, I popped one into my mouth. The texture was soft and then WHAM! I was greeted with a wonderfully strong licoricey/ anisey flavor. My complaint with most licorice is that it skimps on the licorice flavor. (I am looking at you Hershey's Black Licorice.) Not Running Rabbit! The flavor is intense and wonderful!

I love products that proudly proclaim, "Wheat and Gluten-Free"
I love products that proudly proclaim, "Wheat and Gluten-Free"
Now for the texture. It seems there are two licorice camps in the US: folks who like tough licorice, like licorice ropes and vines and folks who like soft licorice, like Panda brand. (Neither of these brands are gluten-free. However, I am guessing if you are missing licorice you ate it before your diagnosis.)

I like both tough, chewy licorice and soft, gummy licorice. That said, Running Rabbit was almost too soft and gummy. The texture reminded me of a candy "orange slice" or gumdrop. While the texture wasn't exactly what I had expected it wasn't bad. And that flavor! Oh, the flavor was so good.

Since I wanted the texture to be a little drier with slightly more chew, I decided to leave the package open for a few days. My thinking, once these are exposed to the air, they will stale just a little and become harder and chewier.

It worked! After a few days, about three, the chews dried out in the most pleasant way. I liked them even more! So, if you like your licorice a little harder, and don't mind waiting to enjoy your candy, rip open a bag and wait.

I know I will be buying these candies again and if you like licorice, I suggest you treat yourself to a bag soon!

I can't wait to try the cherry!

PS This candy is available on-line at And I have seen it at TJ Maxx's for around $2.99 for the box.

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