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REVIEW: Glutino Gluten-Free Breakfast Bars
Elizabeth Barbone
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Glutino Apple Breakfast Bars

After I posted my review of EnviroKids Crisp Rice Bars, a reader asked if I would review Glutino's breakfast bars. She was thinking of ordering a case. A CASE!

So, I picked up a box of bars at the grocery store. (I paid $5.95 for the box.) Upon opening, I noticed these bars looked just like Nutri-Grain bars. I had high hopes.

Then I bit into the bar. I can't tell you how much I disliked this product. The filling was thick and the "pastry" part of the bar was hard and had an overwhelmingly bean flavor.

Now, I have to be honest. I can't stand bean flour. For me, it doesn't add a subtle flavor. No, bean flour comes up and smacks me in the face. Hard. In these bars that is all I could taste and smell.

Two bites and I'm done!
Two bites and I'm done!
But, in the interest of writing a review, I took another bite. Was it any better for me? No! It was worse! The things I do for my members :) In this bite, I noticed how thick and pasty the apple filling was on my tongue. It didn't have a good apple flavor. It was more like a dried out fruit paste. Odd, I thought. A quick scan of the ingredients explained why. Apple puree is listed AFTER raisins, dates, and pear juice concentrate. Here is another disclaimer: I really don't like raisins.

For me, these bars were a bad example of gluten-free eating. They didn't taste like apple bars. No, they tasted like chickpea raisin bars. And while that might work for some people, it didn't work for me. Honestly, after my second bite I reached for a glass of water to rid the taste of the bars from my mouth.

Summary: Firm Bar with pasty dried fruit filling. Overwhelming bean flour flavor. Off-aroma. No Stars

PS: If there is anyone out there who loves these bars, let me know.

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