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Elizabeth Barbone
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I still remember the first time I tried Ener-G foods gluten-free pretzels. I quickly grabbed the bag to make sure they were, indeed, gluten-free. And they were!

These pretzels are so good and so smack-dab right on that *no one* would guess they are gluten-free. The texture is right. The taste is right. The salt clinging to the outside of the pretzels is right. I love these things! The only thing different about the pretzels is their size. They are pretty diminutive compared to mainstream pretzels.

There are only two drawbacks to enjoying these pretzels. 1. Unlike wheat pretzels, which are a low-fat snack, Ener-G pretzels are not low-fat. In fact, the nutrition label reads more like a bag of potato chips than a bag of pretzels. 2. They are expensive. I mean, really pricey. A 2.65 ounce bag sells for $1.89 in my area.

However, when you need/want an excellent pretzel, this is the brand to buy!

Summary: The best gluten-free pretzel on the market. Excellent flavor, texture and taste. four stars

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