How to Make Bread Crumbs, Freezing Bread and More!
Elizabeth Barbone

Questions about the Web site


You mentioned gluten-free oats in one of your podcasts. Where is the link?

You're right! I forgot to post the link. Here it is: I have also heard that Bob's Red Mill will be debuting Gluten-Free Oats soon! Stay tuned for that!


Where are the videos?

They are coming, really! Getting the web site up and running took a little more time than I had anticipated. Therefore, the videos are quite ready. The first video will focus on bread baking. Thanks for the interest!

Questions about Baking


I saw a question on ListServ the other day about how to make bread crumbs. How do you do it?

Funny, I sent a reply to that question. Here is what I wrote:

Make a loaf of your favorite bread. (I use my Twhite sandwich bread

recipe.) Slice it into small cubes (About 1-inch

cubes). Dry those pieces in the oven until they are hard.(Place them on a

cookie sheet and "dry" them in an oven set to about 275 degrees F.) Turn

them once or twice to ensure they dry evenly. Once they are dry, remove them

from the oven and allow to cool. Then, grind them in a food processor until


One thing to remember when making breadcrumbs is to use bread that is *very*

dry. If the bread is still moist, the crumbs can turn moldy. And, who wants

that? :)


School is back! What is the best way to freeze bread for sandwiches?

I think the best way to freeze a loaf of bread is to bake the bread, cool it and slice before freezing. This way, when you need two slices of bread, you can just grab them from the freezer. In fact, I make my husband's sandwiches on frozen bread! By the time he eats lunch, the bread is thawed and ready to eat. So, you don't even need to worry about thawing the bread if the sandwich will be consumed several hours after making it.

Be sure to wrap the bread in plastic wrap and aluminum foil to prevent the loaf from getting freezer burnt.

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