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REVIEW: EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice Bar--Peanut Butter
Elizabeth Barbone
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EnviroKidz Organic Crispy Rice Bar--Peanut Butter

Sometimes companies don't make sense to me. At all. I knew I wanted to write a cereal bar review for this week's column. So, when I was at the store, the EnvrioKidz bars caught my eye. They had three versions of "Crispy Rice" bars on the shelf. Peanut Butter, chocolate and berry. Where was the plain? "They must be sold out I thought."

After looking at several stores, and never finding a plain crispy rice bar, I visited the EnvrioKidz Web site. No plain crispy rice cereal bar was listed. ARRGH! Why would you make peanut butter AND chocolate AND berry but no plain bar?? This annoyed me.

Rice Krispie Treats, which are off-limits on the gluten-free diet, are tied to the American childhood experience. Therefore, I wanted to review a plain crispy rice bar that parents could offer their gluten-free children in place of Rice Krispie bars. (Of course, you can make homemade crispy rice bars. But isn't it nice to *not* have to make something?)

Anyway, since I was set on reviewing a crispy rice bar, I picked up a box of the peanut butter bars.

The box is super cute. (It is almost cute enough to melt my "looking for a plain crispy rice bar heart".) It features a Panda and proudly proclaims, "Organic". My one complaint about the packaging is the somewhat small-print "Peanut Butter." At first glance it is almost easy to overlook.

I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised. Weighing a respectable ounce, these cereal bars look just like mainstream gluten-y cereal bars. When packed in a lunch box, these bars would not scream "SPECIAL DIET FOOD." That gets high marks in my book.

After a bite, I knew these were a winner. The bars were soft and sweet with a lovely peanut butter flavor. What I liked was that the peanut butter flavor didn't smack you in the face, but it wasn't faint either. The bars really had a nice balanced flavor.

And what more do you need in a cereal bar? The taste, texture, and packaging was good. Now, if they would only make them in plain...

Summary: Three and a half stars. Nice cereal bar snack for kids or adults. Good texture, nice flavor.

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