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REVIEW: Mi-Del Chocolate Chip Cookies
Elizabeth Barbone
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The bag of Mi-Del Chocolate Chip Cookies promises "delicious flavor". Do they deliver?

It seems to me that there are endless variations of the wonderful chocolate chip cookie. Soft and chewy. Double chocolate. With nuts. Without Nuts. The list goes on and on. And the perfect chocolate chip cookie to one person can be downright unappealing to someone else. With this in mind, I opened a bag of Mi-Del Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies.

First, I was impressed that none of the cookies were broken. Bags of cookies make me nervous. I always expect to open the bag and find only the whispers of cookies remaining among heaps of crumbs. This was not the case. All of the mini-chocolate chip cookies were intact.

I examined the cookies. They looked like store-bought chocolate chip cookies. (In fact, they reminded me of the chocolate chip cookies McDonald's sold in the late 1970's through 1980's. Do you remember those little boxes of chocolate chip cookies? When my family would take road trips we would stop at McDonald's to use the bathroom and I would get a box of cookies.) They even smelled a little like Chips Ahoy! cookies. I was excited!

Then I took a bite...something wasn't right. The texture was fine. But the taste. The taste wasn't right. What was it? After taking a few more nibbles, I realized that the overwhelming taste of the cookie was...CORN. Honestly, they tasted like corn chocolate chip cookies! Now, as I mentioned before, I realize there are endless varieties of chocolate chip cookies. But I am pretty sure corn chocolate chip cookies aren't one of them.

Not only did the cookies taste of corn, they didn't really taste of anything else. The cookies were bland. I never got a nice sweet, buttery, brown sugar flavor that I associate with chocolate chip cookies.

Now, here is the part of the review where I wanted to tell you something about the company. After visiting the web site printed on their bag, I found nothing. Seriously, nothing! It was just a listing of all the brands Liberty Richter carried and Mi-Del wasn't listed.

Honestly folks, I think there are better gluten-free chocolate chip cookies out there. In fact, when I gave my husband a cookie to try he said, "These are cookies for people who don't like cookies. They taste like nothing."

If you like cookies, like I do, I'd stay away from these.

Summary. Corn-y chocolate chip cookies. Bland flavor. Odd aftertaste. Good Texture. One Star

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