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(review) Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Devil's Food Cake Mix


How much do I love chocolate cake? Hmmm….let's see. Enough that it adorns the cover of my first cookbook. See?

So I'm surprised it took me this long to try Betty Crocker's Devil's Food cake mix! I've tried their vanilla cake mix before (I need to do a full review!) but somehow the chocolate slipped by me.

Not anymore!

Recently we were in the mood for dessert. And since I'd picked up a box of this, oh, weeks ago, I finally had a good excuse to try it. (Although as I type that, does anyone really need an excuse to bake a cake? Nah.)


The directions on the box were simple and since this was my first time using this mix, I followed them! I accidentally went a little rogue. The directions clearly state NOT to grease the sides of the pan. I, um, always spray my pan with wild abandon. So the sides were sprayed. (spoiler: nothing bad happened.)

I dumped the mix, a stick of butter, water, and three eggs into a bowl. Turned on my handheld mixer and beat it for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The batter looked good!

Into the (well) greased pan it went. So far, so good.

The box stated that a 9x9 square takes about 38 to 43 minutes to bake. I set my timer and did some dishes. I know. I KNOW. Such glamour! I can feel your jealousy through the screen.

When the timer went off, the cake wasn't done. All told, the cake took about 50 minutes to bake. My kitchen smelled so good! There's really nothing like the aroma of a baking chocolate cake--or brownies, or bread. You get the point. Baked goods smell amazeballs.

I let the cake cool and then slathered some chocolate icing on it. And, because I am my mother's daughter's, I put a maraschino cherry in the center.

Taste and Texture

We cut the cake into squares and headed to the couch. Nothing fancy around here. The cake looked chocolatety--and had a hint of red that I look for in a good Devil's Food Cake.

I took a bite. The texture was dense but not heavy. It reminded me of the Freihofer's chocolate cakes my mom occasionally bought when I was a kid. I loved those cakes. The best part? It tasted like chocolate.  I think that chocolate cakes that doesn't take like chocolate are a major bummer.

Thanks to the full stick of butter and three eggs, the cake was rich. But it wasn't too rich. Believe it or not, I don't like it when an “everyday” cake, like boxed cakes make, are too rich.

The cake was good! It tasted just as I expected. There wasn't any grittiness or heaviness. Win!


Pretty simple ingredients there. (This photo was taken April 2014. Ingredients change. Check your box for current ingredients.)


This is...chocolate cake. Unless you are Bill Cosby's kids, you know that there isn't a lot of exciting nutrition going on here. (And if you don't get the Bill Cosby reference, you MUST watch this clip. Go ahead. I'll wait.)


I paid $4.99 for the box. As always, that's my only grumble. This mix only makes one layer. If you want a double layer cake, it'll cost you over $10.00. Compare this to wheat-based cake mixes, which cost about $2.00 for a double layer mix, and you'll understand why I grumble about the cost.


Great mix. Easy to make. Fantastic taste. A little too expensive to use on a regular basis.


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