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5 Totally Practical Yet Awesome Valentine's Gifts
Elizabeth Barbone - February 10, 2014

A few days ago, I found out about Rubbermaid's EasyFind lids.  Lids that lock on to the matching base are so exciting to me that I posted info about them on Facebook. One of my Facebook friends replied, “pssst - Mr Elizabeth - valentine's day is coming up.” This made me chuckle because, dude, I would totally love getting a set of these for Valentine's Day! This made think about other things I think would great practical Valentine's Day gifts--- you know, if the person you love is weird like me and enjoys that sort of thing*.

Here's my list of Totally Practical Yet Awesome Valentine's Gifts

Sno Brum

True story: a few years ago when my car was, oh, three days old, it snowed. I cleaned off my car with my snow brush and scratched my new car. Of course I did. I didn't realize it (obviously) but there was a little bit of exposed metal near the brush. Since then, I'm super careful when I clean off my car.

Enter the sno broom. It's made of a foam-like material and you just push the snow off your car. I love it. I LOVE IT. And your Valentine will love it too. (Unless you live in San Diego and then your Valentine will wonder what the heck is wrong with you! A snow broom? Seriously?) They only thing I don't like about it? The way it's spelled. Sno Brum? Umkay.

SnoBrum on Amazon

Ball Jars in Green and Blue

1. I don't can. I'm sorry. I've thought about it. Taken a class on it and...have yet to do it. 2. That does not mean I don't own ball jars. 3. If that bothers you, I'm sorry (not sorry).

So last year when Ball introduced vintage-colored jars in blue Now they're offering them in green. I don't know if people who actually can like these because see number one above. But I love them! I drink from them, use them to store things in my office, and just enjoy them. Now I want a green set and maybe your special someone would too!

Ball Cans in Blue on Amazon

Ball Cans in Green on Amazon

GIR Spatulas

Ok, I put these spatulas on the holiday gift guide that I wrote for Serious Eats. But that just goes to show you how boring I am much I love these spatulas. I really do love them. Nothing sticks to them, they work in hot pots and are great for getting to the bottom of a mixing bowl. Perfection! Plus, the spatulas are pretty. GIR just came out with smaller sizes which I haven't tried yet but I totally want. (personal note to G: go ahead and read that last sentence one more time. ahem.)

GIR Spatula on Amazon

Bountiful by Todd Porter and Diane Cu

Ok, so if you're a book lover like me, this gift is romantic. How's that romantic song go? “I like big books and I can not lie.” That's not how the song goes? Oh…

Anyway, I needed to include Bountiful on this list because I love it so much. Todd Porter and Diane Cu, the couple behind the White on Rice Couple blog,  wrote a love letter to their garden for their first cookbook. I chatted with them last fall for my podcast. If you haven't already, give the interview a listen. They are such a delight!

They filled Bountiful with lovely recipes and gorgeous photos. Plus it includes handy information for beginner gardeners. This book totally aids in daydreaming about your summer garden (even if it's only a mythical summer garden) during these cold, snowy days.

Bountiful on Amazon

*Disclaimer: If your special someone prefers flowers and chocolates, get him or her those, please! No one wants a Sno Brum or Rubbermaid when they're looking forward to a more traditional gifts, trust me.

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