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(review) Pillsbury's Gluten-Free Pie and Pastry Dough
Elizabeth Barbone

November 13, 2013


Best part of Thanksgiving? Everything. Second best part of Thanksgiving? Pie! This year there are several pie crust mixes on the market. So I wanted to try out the premade crusts and mixes and see what I thought.  


The pie crust series starts with Pillsbury's gluten-free pie and pastry crust. Like the chocolate chip cookie dough from Pillsbury that I reviewed earlier this year, this isn't a mix. It's dough!  You pick up a tub at the store, bring it home, and it's ready to use.

Let's take a look!

Pillsbury Dough 3

Hmm....interesting. Time to plop that dough out!

Pillsbury Dough 2

Looks...good. I don't know. It looks like a lump of dough. It didn't really remind me of pie dough. It looked more like stiff cookie dough. Other than that, there was nothing too exciting here. And that's a good thing. The one small thing I noticed was that the dough seemed to have a mild funky smell. Nothing terrible and certainly not bad, the dough just smelled a little odd. If you use this dough, let me know if it smells odd to you.

The back of the package instructs us to knead the dough and roll it out between two pieces of parchment. Great step! This makes rolling out the dough really easy.

Pillsbury 4

Half a package of dough rolled out and ready to go into a pan. 

Pillsbury 5

The top piece of parchment pulled off easily. So far, so good.

Pillsbury 6

I flipped the piece of dough into the pan and went to pull of the second piece of parchment paper. This didn't go as smoothly. If you buy this dough, dust your parchment with a little white rice flour before rolling out your dough. Just a little flour would have made this easy step even easier.

Where the dough tore a little when I pulled off the parchment, I easily pushed it back together with my hands.

Now it was time to bake a pie! What kind of pie? Um, pumpkin! It's almost Thanksgiving; I wasn't going to bake a peach pie. Although, now that I said that, peach pies are awesome!

Pillsbury 9

Isn't it pretty? See how golden brown that crust is? Well, after about ten minutes of baking, I noticed that the crust was getting brown fast. I knew if I didn't cover the crust with foil that the crust would burn before the filling finished baking. So I covered just the edge of the pie. As you can see, the crust still got nice and golden brown.

Time to eat a piece! Such hard work, I know. How do I survive?

Pillsbury 10

The pie sliced beautifully. Unlike some other crusts I tested, the crust didn't fall apart when sliced. Nice! Who wants to chase their crust around on the plate? Not me, that's who.


How'd it taste? It tasted great! I expected a dense and cookie-like crust. It wasn't like that at all! The crust was flaky and light. It tasted like pie crust. Did it taste like a homemade pie crust? Of course not. Like any premade product, it tasted different than something you'd make from scratch. However, this doesn't bother me. At all. Sometimes it's nice to reach for something at the store. I don't get involved in the homemade vs. from-scratch fight. If you want to make a pie crust from scratch, yay! If you want to use a mix, yay! I feel like too many people shame others who buy commercial products. We don't all have countless time and money to spend in the kitchen and shaming people about their food choices isn't very kind. (Hold on...I need to dismount from my high horse.)

And remember that funny smell I noticed? It disappeared. The crust tasted and smelled fine.


Pillsbury Crust 7


Nothing too exciting here. Some fat, starches, flour, and other ingredients. Nothing too exotic. As you can see, if your diet excludes soy, this crust isn't for you. However, it reads dairy-free. (I did not verify with Pillsbury if they consider the mix dairy-free.)

The above photo was taken November 2013. Ingredients often change. Be sure to check your package for the most current ingredient list. 

Pillsbury 8


I wonder if that's for a double or single crust pie. I assume it's for a double-crust pie because that's what the package makes.

The above photo was taken November 2013. Nutrition lists often change. Be sure to check your package for the most current nutrition information. 



I forgot to snap a photo of the price. I paid $4.39 for the package at my local grocery store. For this purchase, I did not have any coupons.


This product really surprised me. It's great! Easy to work with and really tasty, if I didn't love making homemade pie dough, I'd buy this mix. In fact, on crazy-busy nights when I want to make a quick chicken pot pie, I probably will buy this dough. As always, gluten-free products are more expensive than their gluten-filled counterparts. I'd love to see the price come down a little--that would really be a treat! 

Have you tried Pillsbury's pie dough? What did you think?

About the author: Elizabeth Barbone is the owner and editor of and is the author of Easy Gluten-Free Baking. and "How to Cook Gluten-Free".

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