The one where I make a mistake. (aka There's gluten in WHAT?)
Elizabeth Barbone

August 2013

You know those stories that begin with, "My friend's mother's cousin said that..." This is one of those stories.  

The other day on Facebook, Carrie, aka Ginger Lemon Girl, shared a photo from someone who'd shared it from Jules Shepard. The photo showed something that shocked me: wheat listed in Good Seasons Italian salad dressing.

I looked at the photo. I ran into the kitchen and picked up my box of Good Seasons from the pantry. This had to be a mistake, right? 



Wrong! Sure enough, wheat was clearly listed in the ingredient label. How did I miss this? Habit, I guess.

While I often make homemade dressing, I keep Good Seasons around for a quick dressing or to use as a chicken marinade. And even though I usually read labels, I probably just tossed this in my cart because it was safe for so long.

As the old saying goes, “Clearly labeled gluten only matters if you remember to read the label.” Wait. That's not an “old saying”? It should be. Because even though I know to read labels, I forgot this time. So I mentally kicked myself for this mistake.

And then...


What? Your love notes don't warn of gluten? Um okay...

I left this on the kitchen table for my husband who doesn't eat gluten-free but does do at least 50% of the grocery shopping. When he came home, he saw my “love note” and groaned*. We'd both missed something obvious.

*Hey, at least it wasn't a passive aggressive note.

This story reminded me of two things:

1. The gluten-free community is awesome. Without Carrie, her friend, and, of course, Jules, I would not have realized that the dressing contained wheat. 

2. Label reading, even with products you've used for years, is key!

So I have to ask....

What  product did you accidentally buy that clearly stated wheat/gluten in the ingredients? Let's learn from each other!

About the author:

Elizabeth Barbone is the owner and editor of and is the author of "Easy Gluten-Free Baking" and "How to Cook Gluten-Free".

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