(recipe) Waffle BLTs with Basil Mayo
Elizabeth Barbone

July 10, 2013

Note: I first shared this piece in my column. Somehow I forgot to share it with you. Which is a shame. I mean, we're talking Waffle BLTs here! Enjoy! 


The other night I planned on making breakfast for dinner. It's one of my favorites. Then I looked at the garden and saw lots of ripe tomatoes. "Too bad I can't put tomatoes on pancakes. I guess I'll make BLTs instead." Then I stopped. What a silly thought.

While tomatoes on pancakes would be too soggy, I wondered if they'd work on waffles. That's right, waffles. I mean, at SE, folks put hamburgers between two grilled cheese sandwiches, why not try a BLT on a waffle?

Since the flavors of a classic BLT can't really be improved, I kept things simple. A little chopped rosemary and black pepper in the waffle batter with some basil-garlic mayo. But other than the waffles, this was a standard BLT. The results exceeded even my high expectations. As I ate, I kept saying, "Why haven't I done this before? Waffles. Bacon. Tomatoes! It's perfect." Pancakes, you are on notice! Until the end of summer, waffles are replacing your occasional place on my dinner table.

I ate my WBLT open-faced; my husband (who is a waffle-lover and a BLT-lover and, therefore, was in heaven), split his waffle in half and used it like bread. Either way worked well as a BLT delivery system.

Waffle BLTs. Click HERE for the recipe

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