Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies

March 21, 2013

I once feared homemade chocolate chip cookies. When I was a kid, someone assured me that, no, theirs did not contain nuts. (I'm allergic.) They were wrong. One trip to the emergency room later, I never looked at a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies the same way again.


Remembering this incident inspired me to create an allergen-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. There would be no nuts (or soy or wheat or eggs or dairy) hiding in this recipe!

Thanks to a blend of whole grain flours, ground flax, brown sugar, and vanilla, these cookies have a caramel-like flavor. "I love how buttery they are!" said one taster. Not a pat of butter goes near the mixing bowl! Instead, I used dairy-free/soy-free shortening. This makes for crunchy-edged cookies with chewy centers.

While I developed this recipe for anyone with multiple food allergies or who follows a vegan diet, these chocolate chip cookies can be enjoyed by anyone whose diet includes cookies!

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