Five Summer Recipes to Make Now

June 22, 2012

Summer officially arrived this week! To celebrate, here are five of my favorite summertime recipes!

Easy Coleslaw

Aren't summer salads the best? Here's my recipe for a non-soggy coleslaw.

Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadews

We eat a lot of salad for dinner during the summer. And stuffed peppadews are great either on a salad or served as an appetizer.

Steamed Potatoes

New potatoes will soon appear at farmers' markets. Do yourself a favor and buy a bag, bring them home and steam them. I know steamed potatoes sound boring but, I promise, they are anything but boring! Steaming lends them a really intense potato flavor.

Granola Clusters

Perfect for outdoor snacks, granola clusters are easy to make and really easy to eat!

Cranberry, Cherry Chocolate Pie

I made this no-bake pie for Thanksgiving but it's perfect for summer parties. Light and fluffy, it's one of those desserts that everyone seems to love!

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