(Review) Justin's Maple Almond Butter

June 19, 2012


The other day after a workout, I left the gym hungry. And not the light, "Eh, I'll get something later"-hunger. This was more of a "Food! NOW PLEASE" hunger. But I didn't have a snack with me.

Have you had this happen? While it's not the end of the world, it can be a bit of a pain to find a little snack when you have food allergies/intolerances. Then I remembered that the Target near my gym sold bananas. Perfect!

But this post isn't about bananas. (Although, I have to say, bananas are *awesome*.) This post is about Justin's Maple Almond Butter.

See, after picking up a banana, I noticed a little display of individual almond butters. Hmm. My internal hungry-voice said, "Get that! Please! Pick one up. Now! Please. Please get one. Please. Please." Honestly, my internal hungry-voice is a bit of a whiner. A check of the ingredient label showed that the maple almond butter carried a certified gluten-free seal. I threw a packet into my basket and my hungry-voice rejoiced.

In the car, after enjoying my banana, I tore into the packet of almond butter. And here is where I wish life came with a soundtrack. If it did, happy, oh-my-gosh-they-are-in-love(!) music would accompany my first bite of this almond butter.

It's that good.

Although it contains maple sugar, it's not too sweet. The rich almond flavor really shine in each bite. In just a few minutes my packet was gone. And unlike other almond butters that I've eaten before, this almond butter is nice and smooth. Not gritty. 

The true test of how much I liked it happened the next day. I went to the store just to buy a jar and have enjoyed a little each day since. (Even though I got a jar, I think the foil packs would be great for traveling or outdoor summer activities. I might get a few of those just to have on hand.)

The only drawback to the almond butter is the price. It cost me $10.99 for a jar. Yikes! But not so much of a yikes! that I won't buy it. This stuff is my new favorite thing. Don't you love when that happens? You have no idea you are about to discover something great and then, boom, you have a new favorite thing in your life.

Have you tried almond butter? Do you like it?

Also, tell us about some of your go-to healthy gluten-free snacks. We'd all love to learn about them!

Just a note. Justin's didn't provide me with a sample. Nor did they ask me to write a review. They have no idea who I am. It was such a nice surprise to find a little gluten-free snack that I wanted to share it with you!


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