Lemon Cucumber Water


June 8, 2012

For Christmas my aunt gave me a SodaStream. Have you heard of these? Do you own one? I thought they only for made homemade soda. So when I opened the box I thought, "Wait. I don't drink soda! I'll never use this!" But, oh my, the soda stream quickly became my favorite thing EVER. I still don't drink soda. But now I do drink lots of carbonated water. And that's why she got it for me, for the water it makes.  I didn't realize it at the time but she has a soda stream and LOVES it. 

The other day, I threw some lemons and cucumbers into a glass of homemade seltzer. I honestly exclaimed, "Wow. That's refreshing!" I felt a little silly because 1. no one was home and 2. calling a drink "refreshing" seems like something one only says in commercials, not at home. Alone.

I laughed at myself but I had to admit, the lemon-cucumber water was insanely refreshing.

Now I know lemon-cucumber water has been around for years, but since we're heading into the serious days (read: hot days!) of summer, I thought I'd remind you about this super refreshing drink. And if you've never had it, do yourself a favor and make a glass or a pitcher. It's wonderful!

To Make:

Add two or three lemon and cucumber slices to a large glass of still or sparking water. For a large pitcher, slice up an entire lemon and cucumber. (If your cucumber is large, a half will do.)

That's it!

Enjoy the weekend! I'll talk to you next week!


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