(video) How to Make Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs

May 23, 2012


The other day I received this e-mail in response to my Jalapeno Poppers post:

Elizabeth, these look so tasty!! A few questions, if you'll allow me... Do you use your own bread to make breadcrumbs - just crumble some stale homemade bread or pulse it in the food processor? If so, do you usually toast the crumbs before using in a recipe like this? Or do you like to use the boxes of commercial ready-to-use GF breadcrumbs? I've never tried those and always wondered if they'd be worth the expense.

Second, do you think finely crushed Rice or Corn Chex would work in place of breadcrumbs in a recipe like this (or mozzarella sticks)? I use them in place of breadcrumbs for meatballs and crabcakes and they work, and they're a little quicker to prepare than homemade breadcrumbs.


Great questions! 


  1. I make a loaf of gluten-free bread, cut it into pieces, toast it, and grind in my food processor. That sounds like a lot of work, I know! But, I promise, it isn't! Watch the above video to see how it's done! Also, in my new cookbook, "How to Cook Gluten-Free"I wrote a step-by-step guide--with photos-- on how to make bread crumbs, along with lots of other step-by-step lessons. If you don't have the book, I'd be thrilled, absolutely thrilled, if you picked up a copy.


  2. I don't like the ready-to-use breadcrumbs because  they tend to be really expensive! Whenever you bread something, you always need one cup--or more--of breadcrumbs! So premade breadcrumbs get really expensive, really fast. It's cheaper to make your own. And they taste better!


  3. For a recipe like this one, I don't think Rice or Corn Chex would work. That said, I haven't tried it! If you do try it, let me know how it goes!


That said, how do you make breadcrumbs? Tell me in the comments!

Can't wait to hear from you! Talk to you soon!

Happy Cooking!


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